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So why do we take up those nasty bad habits that don’t serve us?


A lot of our bad habits actually start because of peer pressure and the need to feel that we belong. In order to fit in we do what the rest of the group is doing even if we know that it is detrimental to us.

Other habits start because we are looking to fill a void within ourselves; this can be loneliness, unhappiness, discontent with the life we have created etc. This is generally because we harness a deep seeded fear that we are not good enough.

These feelings occur because we measure ourselves against others and the outward appearance they display. We do not see that they are also trying to fill a void in their own lives. So essentially we start associating with others who feel discontent and so the downward spiral begins.

Together we wallow in self-pity to further justify our feelings that we are not good enough and believe that this is normal. We happily live in a constant state of unhappily belonging. We believe that this is the life we were destined to live.

We look with envy at all the lucky people who are self-confident and successful. It never occurs to us that they may have had to step out of their comfort zone to achieve the success that they have. We don’t see the hours of work that they have had to put in to get where they are. We are of the opinion that good luck crossed their path

With these views we then become cynical because “nothing good” ever happens to us. This just fuels us to stay on the downward spiral.

So now is the time to break free of those bad habits, to break free of the cynicism that has come with them and to live the life you were meant to live and be the person you really are. So stop hiding behind those bad habits, stop looking at successful people with envy and blaming the world because you do not have the success you feel you deserve in your life.

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To Your Success!
Deb Harman