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Attitude of Gratitude


I have been hearing and reading a lot about  attitude of gratitude lately. It has been put before me I believe so I can pass it on to others. We are all so caught up with our wants these days and the wants of those around us that we often forget to be grateful for what we have. We seem to have lost sight of the difference between wants and needs. The pressure to have what everyone else has, has now led to the loss of the definitive line between what we need to survive and have some comfort in our lives, to the need to live in luxury, with the very best of everything.

What is this costing us and are we truly grateful for what we have? It seems that once we get something we are immediately looking for the next want and not even bothering to take the time to enjoy what we just received. Gratitude seems to have been replaced with ‘ok I have it what do I want next?’.

The Media encourages us to shop around to get the best bargain, buy what’s on special at each supermarket. Does this really encourage us to save money, or is it a clever way of encouraging us to spend more while we think we are saving. Does this further our need for more stuff? Did you really need that third television?

Look around at what you have, Are you truly grateful for what you have, or are you so caught up in not having what others have that you are blinded by jealousy and the need to keep up. Are you teaching this to your children?  Do they feel inadequate because they do not have the up to date latest whatever that their friends have?

It is time we all sat back and became grateful for what we have rather than be too concerned about what we perceive we don’t have. We allow being ungrateful to consume us and we forget about what is important. It is time for each of us to actually be grateful for what we have.

Every morning you should acknowledged 3 things that you are grateful for before you get out of bed, and every evening acknowledge gratitude for 3 things that happened during the day. When you practice gratitude your wants will become less important and you will start to live your life in a more positive mindset.

As you start to feel the changes in yourself, start to do the same with your family. Ask your children at breakfast to tell you three things they are grateful for and again at dinner three things that happened during the day that they are grateful for and watch the change.

When you come from a place of gratitude amazing things start to happen!

To Your Success!
Deb Harman