Deb Harman - Ultimate Life Shift

Deb is an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Certified couples workshop facilitator and Hypnotherapist and is the Founder of Ultimate Life Shift. Deb works with clients to change their core beliefs so they can achieve their desired outcomes.

Currently women, particularly those with school aged children are suffering from the highest rates of Burnout and anxiety than any other demographic. This is due to the high expectations they both place on themselves and the expectations that others put on them.

Women are often trying to juggle a career and the needs of a family.

Feeling a lack of self-worth leads to habits that are often self-destructive, yet we find it difficult to let go. This is the battle between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. Our conscious mind tells us we need to change, our sub-conscious fights change. This is because our brain does not like change, it likes routine and patterns. Therefore it is hard for some of us to change a habit.

As a trained hypnotherapist Deb understands how the sub-conscious mind works and is able to guide you to through the use of various techniques to remove these self-destructive habits from your life and instil new positive feelings about yourself.

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